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Majestic queen of the night

16 year old me

16 year old me

In the sight of the moon, this majestic creature

feasts on the weak minded, taking down any man in sight.

Knowing he would come around, just like they all do,

hungry for the queen, the poor measly fool dropping to his knees

watching as this gorgeous creature with eyes as blue as the sea

demanding him to be her king;

Magical and fearless, she takes down who ever she pleases,

She is one of a kind and has a heart of gold;

no wonder shes all alone, no one can handle that much love;

she then feasts once more, fighting the urge of hunger in her heart.

She is ready to take the plunge, waiting for a suitor to step up.

She can have anything she desires, a true siren of the night

waiting for lost sailors at sea to come and set this goddess free.