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Majestic lndeed

Chrish is a poetry writer who loves to paint, nature and dog lover, who write for herself and happy to share it with you.

My humble response to Sir John and Ms Brenda


Rain or shine, here we stand for more than a thousand repeat

Wandering in the same land, breathing the same air, we settled in shared sunset, wondering at night 'neath the shared moonlight.

Where all my brethren beneath their lonesome unrest.

Wandering in static motion, whose almost far from being in sympathy.

Then there in silence I stood; waiting for the much awaited sunrise, where was I thronged by great companies of: hopeless, miserable, helpless, angry, tired, emotional benumbed, sick, sinner, the loving, the loved, the happy, the satisfied, the giver, the kind, the helpful, and the grateful.

We all stood still whilst watching the scenic topography; this grandiose creations, oh! How majestic is your name.

In quietness his eyes in tears, our sins his heart in grieved, his saddened executions for the world afresh: his mercy not vengeance.

Oh! How majestic is your love.

For thee who desired to hear him, will receive and embrace the majestic love of God.

If thou canst hear him and work for him, thou whose filled with fear and incurable humanly disease in its heart breaking contagious character: he canst make thee clean. So pace and sin no more.

To where the sunshine is settling in, a voice from far away wilderness unto you our savior; saddened souls beseech our rude and forbidding earthly chaos.

No wonder thy glory is in veiled, thy heart aches, his majestic name might outward from humanities.

Of an earthly life he all shunned the outward buzzing hideousness and his heart in grieved.

Then, the silence will end with a dark mist and a lonely horizon, for humans greatness, earthly honor and the riches: can never save a soul from death.

I listened and I know; those who followeth him shall not walk in darkness, he then gave the light of life.

How majestic indeed is your Savior.

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