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Majestic Nature Poems

Nithya Venkat enjoys writing about nature and different aspects of life in the form of poetic verses.

Majestic Nature

Majestic Nature

These poems are inspired by the word prompt “Majestic” provided by Brenda Arledge in “Word Prompts Help Creativity-Week 4.”

Brenda Arledge is a talented poet. Her poems are filled with meaning and touch the heart of the readers.

Majestic Nature

Majestic is the peaks

The river, hills, and valleys

Majestic is the glowing sun

With all its warmth and glory

Majestic is the green green grass

The luscious carpet that grows

The wonders of the universe

The sun, moon, and earth

Majestic is the deep blue sky

The hills, lakes, and valleys

The vibrant colored flowers

Lining the garden alley

Majestic is the vast ocean

The bewitching deep blue

Flourishing with creatures

With sunshine’s golden hue

My spirits soar day after day

As I bask in the warmth of the sun

The majestic nature comes to play

Me and my imagination on the run

Majestic Ocean

Majestic Ocean

Majestic Ocean

The majestic mighty ocean

With vast expanses of azure blue

Seemingly touches the sky

With picture-perfect views

Coral, pearls, and crystals

Seem to decorate the ocean

The waves seem to twinkle

Sheer poetry in motion

The magic of the ocean

Rising with the tides

The moon seemed to dictate

An element of surprise

The jagged rocks and stones

Carved with each crashing wave

Embracing a new story

A monument to engrave

The tides ebb and flow

Teasing playing with the waves

Etching then erasing sands

Drawing patterns as they trace

The beauty of the ocean

The majestic deep blue

I find myself immersing

Enchanted through and through

Majestic Sunflowers

Majestic Sunflowers

Majestic Sunflowers

Majestic are the sunflowers

Standing row by row

Smiling at the sun

Embracing warmth

As they grow

The golden yellow sunflowers

Seem to reach out to the sun

They keep the secret of the promise

Of heavenly days when we are done

As the sunflowers shrivel

And slowly fade away

They think about all the happiness

And of all the glorious days

Majestic Mountains

Majestic Mountains

Majestic Mountains

The rolling green upon the hills

Undulating carpets standing still

Studded with golden yellows

Violet, green, and deep-hued mellows

Rainbows paint the clouded sky

A heavenly arc you can't deny

Deep blue with crimson sheens

Bounce off drops catching sunbeams

Melting caps of ice and snow

Letting waters to the rivers flow

The cumulus clouds rise again

Replenished, they descend to rain

The mountains seek to nurture the earth

The spirit of life and rebirth

© 2021 Nithya Venkat

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