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Majestic Eagles

All types of animals, birds & insecs are very interesting. Many are under attack, but many people like to learn everything about nature.

Majestic Eagle

Majestic Eagle


Brenda Arledge put up a prompt for the word " majestic" today. While I have never written any poetry ever I did today, so with her encouragement I will post my poetry. I appreciate honest comments as I know I am not really a poet. Thank you to all.

Majestic Eagle

Majestic Eagle

Eagles are an awesome bird, and this poetry is meant to write about their majestic presence in our world.

Majestic Eagle: The King of Birds

Majestic eagles soar through the skies

Their flight is surely a delight to our eyes,

As we gaze upon their sacred wings

The joy of flight makes our hearts sing

Eagles soar toward the full moon or sun

Their flights are faster than we can run,

Their lonely flight we do not understand

As he soars above a beautiful, desolate land

Eagle eyes can easily spot a meal

This majestic bird can make me feel,

The exalted eagle wishes to eat fish

For this splendid bird it is a tasty dish

The majestic eagle looks ahead

Eagle-eyed vision may turn his head,

He soars toward the sun or the moon

The ocean beneath him makes me swoon

The eagle represents the sky gods

As we seek the truth, not the frauds

Majestic Eagle Saves Babies From Sun

© 2021 Pamela Oglesby