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Maintaining Self Respect Through Difficult Times

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Believed that when it came to reaching a specific age

Elements of impulsive youthful follies are behind them

Well, not all of them because it's great to have fun

Every now and again with leaving responsibility behind

Not worrying about bills and your child's report card

Sadly, there are those who never want to leave their youth behind

Clinging onto to their high school glory days when they were cool

A quarterback who was dating the homecoming queen

All American couple destined for great things once graduation

Came about and college called them to bigger and better things

Reality slapped them in the face when being young and adult

Clashed with the reasons they got together in the first place

Causing a bitter divorce and children torn in two different directions

Forced to remain silent while chaos roamed around them

Sometimes having to pick a side when courts get involved

Hearts breaking when one side loses the war and all relationships

Feeling the sting and arrows of an outrageous break-up

Could've been avoided if both camps took their anger out of equation

Betrayals bubbling over the surface on the stove

Leaving a complete and disgusting mess that was hard to clean up

Trying to control the impulse to go completely nuclear

When things aren't entirely in order per a compulsive need

To have every possession in a neat and certain ordered manner

Found other person's anger harder to fathom when nothing was done wrong

Realized that some are just meant to fly off the handle when they mess up

Learning to keep a level of dignity, especially when others love to play in the mud

Flinging it around at passersby who look at them

With complete and utter disgust by their childish impulses

Eyes rolled at them whenever they regressed back to pre-school age

Hanging out on the playground without a care in the world

Speaking in unfamiliar tongues to confuse everyone else

Learned that the more responsible party was going to have to do something

Righting the ship once and for all; or cut the cord for good

If this relationship can't be saved, it's best to not prolong the agony

Fighting to hold onto a sinking ship didn't do anyone any good

Best to leave with a level of self respect than losing it completely

Learning to live with yourself is harder than most would think

That's why certain relationships last a lot longer than they should

Harder to be alone than forced to living with someone you can't stand

It's often better to be single than in a broken relationship

Leaves you open for bigger and better ones to come along.

Playing around as a child is something many would love to do as an adult.

Playing around as a child is something many would love to do as an adult.