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Mail Reply to Mother: A Poem

Halley is a man who wants to share his experience through writing. I am excited about new things, especially social relationships.



nine months past ten days almost similar numbers
for all mothers in the world.

surgery and choose normal for each baby.
keeping up in the middle of the night, awakened by cries.
withholding drowsiness, while giving milk.
baby cradle. singing a lullaby.

we call you mother
when our little teeth begin to grow and our footwork is getting tougher.

I call you mother
when I'm thirsty, hungry and sick.

I call you repeatedly mother.
when I can not do anything, when I fall and bleed in a street.

I call you mother, always I call until I go to school by myself.
then on my return, I'm looking for you mom. to answer ignorance and to know the meaning of patience.

I call you mom while enjoying favorite food dish that I like.

I wrote a letter when I became a grown man.
I wrote a letter when I went through the days as a mother.

this letter is for you mom.
if you ask for a mountain, I will bring it.
if you ask for the ocean, I will take it.
if you ask precious metal, wait a moment I will buy it.
will I do as best I can by remembering all your pleas?

Your mother just smiled for a happiness of your children
without caring, your tears are mounting, your tears filled the ocean, your tears are the precious metals that I want to hold. however, always save yourself. in your deepest heart.

This letter is for you mom.
Let me write you a letter. slowly. until you understand.
which I wrote is the word "sorry", "I love you mother"
read my brief letter till you get it.
that I, is a child of your womb.

© 2018 Halley Kawistoro

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