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Magdalene's Perfume

Honeylyn L. Casquijo's Magdalene's Perfume will tempt every man to read.

Rosy cheeks painted with magenta

glows more in cold nights

where lost souls are wandering

clinging for love

in a lustful evening.

The perfume which lingers

with the soft breeze of wind

is wrapped with desire for sin

a temptation uneasy to resist

by a wolf hunting for a midnight meal.

The city covered with neon lights

is alive and enthusiastic

filled with Magdalene's perfume

and alluring goblets

swaying on the table

with some sultry beats

inviting every nomad

a bite of joy

of an intimate night.

For life is nice to begin with

when lust is for a good price

for a beast seeking pleasure

a rose is not enough to tame his soul

so let him indulge

over Magdalene's perfume

and his spirit shall live on.

Credit to Bois de Jasmin via pinterest for the photo.


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