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Madness Per Brenda's Prompt

I enjoy writing about personal experiences with my family. I am interested in traveling, any culture, ancestry relationships and animals.


I have been thinking about Brenda’s prompt, ‘Madness’, for several days. There is so much hatred in the world now, and people continue to riot. Two people cannot be friends if they have different political beliefs. Why do we put our opinions above caring for our fellow man?

Yes, the pandemic has been tough. The sucide rate is up, and mental illness has also risen as we have stayed locked in our homes for the past year. Children have surely suffered, and the pressure on parents is very tough. I hope to see a time when people come more together, which is the way I remember my childhood. I remember neighbors helping neighbors, and many smiling faces.

The first poem is about anger and the second one is about mental illness.

Mad World - Gary Jules


Madness is much like a whirlwind fury

And it can make you move in a hurry,

Do unto others as they do unto you

Needless to say, you drop the other shoe,

Everyone seems to want some revenge

So getting even means living on the fringe

Sure you can win if you take it on the chin


Mental Health Problems

Agoraphobia, panic or PTSD

So confused, but I don’t want to be,

Bipolar or somatic symptom it is

My whole body hurts,

But no one believes

Phobias, yes there are quite a few

Thunder, the dog or Spanish flu,

Anorexia or Bulimia Nervosa

I can eat, but I can’t keep it down

Panic disorder, it doesn’t take much

The fetal position as I have lost touch,

Amnesia, identity, where have I been?

I might be happy with a good friend

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© 2021 Pamela Oglesby

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