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I wanna feel like I matter


But its only making me madder


Unreciprocated appreciation

Makin me sadder


All its causing is depreciation

Of me

I’m losing control

Losing my sanity

So many identifying me as something

I don’t even want to be

Can’t even hold on to my own vanity

What I can’t hold within

I can barely hold without

All I want is to feel like I matter


Before we see my blood splatter


© 2020 David


BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on November 11, 2020:

I can sense the frustration building up inside your veins.

I think that's what we all want is to feel like "We Matter".

We want to feel like someone does appreciate our efforts & if they don't we are left to wonder why.

Then our minds play this cruel trick on us as our blood is boiling.

We think we know why...when it may not even be factual.

We need to let it go. Take a breath. Realize the only thing that matters is what we, ourselves think.

We have done our best. If someone does not appreciate us then it is his loss.

Walk away smiling peacefully.

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