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Maddening Intention

Raizen is a high school student with numerous awards relating to poetry and literature as well as a literary writer for the journalism club.

Confusing, sending signals I can't understand.

We're in a card game and you have me in your hand,

My head hurts thinking of the blurred lines on the sand-

stand, for what? when I've given you all that I've got.

Phantom fingers wrap around my soul, cold

bold enough to think I'm in control;

Well, don't, take note, of whatever I say.

Did you think it would matter anyway?

Ha! Funny design, can't believe that it's mine

Fine, fine, fine insanity's usually fine!

As long as I'm wrong and you think you're right

It isn't much of a fight. How about a bow?

Why don't you do it right now? curtains are closing

Your true face is showing, Here's the applause.

Madness, is happiness when you're the cause

disguised as a cure, poison that's hard to endure.

Toxic but easy to drink up, stop. And think about,

the reality I'm starting to doubt. Your play.

But at the end of the day.

I'll always believe what you say.

Fun Fact!

Once again, the real inspiration for this was during science class, while discussing the brain and it's function. But also, I was partially inspired by the idea of Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, theater, pleasure, and madness. I was actually thinking of titling it after Dionysus in some way, but I decided it would be better to use the current title instead

© 2022 Raizen Richard Sanchez

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