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How am I to do it?

How am I to rebuild what I so aggressively broke down?

The things that I did and the people that I knew have all slowly disappeared before my eyes.

My tires that used to spin so fast and turn so sharply now sit idle on a car that I have forgotten how to drive.

My hellos and goodbyes have faded away, leaving me to wonder if see you laters even still exist.

The yeses and the nos that used to provide me with a sense of clarity and direction have led me into a garden of maybes that seem to blossom all year round.

My questions and prayers both have a strange new habit of going unanswered, which makes me feel as if nobody is listening.

The uncertainty of it all is actually quite maddening.

A dog can only chase its tail for so long until it comes to the realization that it was simply not built to catch it.

© 2021 Nicholas Mercogliano

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