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An Old Woman

Hello you beautiful people! I am an avid reader and I loves to write poetry and short stories for my own sanity and amusement.

An Old Woman

Is she mad or sane?

sitting near the road, looking at nothing specific

Fixed are her eyes but searching for nothing

Unaware of the ruffle around her

not a thing can bring her back to the real world

Her mind to be filled with unsettling thoughts

which provokes her inner self.

Adding to the weather, it make the atmosphere even dreader

A gloomy afternoon with the sun hiding under the clouds

Is she happy or sad?

I cannot tell just by looking at her attire

Clasping her hand, covering a shawl around her shoulder

and tattered red kurti and green pant

which seems worn out and with unwashed

hair from months, bare footed she sits

waiting for none.

Is it enough for me to guess she is unhappy

I guess, yes.

She does seem sad

with eyes praying for attention

with arms wanting for warm hugs

with ears longing to listen the voice of her loved ones

But this is a world she thinks and dream

knowing very well she is alone to live.

© 2021 Richali Gartia