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Mack the Switchblade's Guide to Imperfection

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

A man who always had a top tier set of brass knuckles and cutlery

Responsible for getting his crew members functioning

Made the unmotivated to learn to chop with great ease

Got the disgusted with the clean up process outside the kitchen

Those obscenely pesky hard to reach places

That no other person would go near in this life or the next

Embodied a set of unshakably polished silver values

Be prepared to catch a tongue lashing of an epic scale

If you don't meet Mr. Unger's exacting standards

Of what was proper and what was considered bad manners

Public softie who gave a helping hand to friends and strangers

Unable to translate that image too much in private

Fear of losing great influence over the weak and naïve

Cannot hide his disappointment and aggravation if things weren't perfect

To his extremely demanding 10 point standard checklist

One point off earned a lecture where a prison break wasn't an option

Buried deeper and deeper into the olive colored ottoman

Wanted to be transformed into a piece of Mealey's living room furniture

To avoid being told that you weren't good enough to shine Mack's shoes

The jabs aren't always so direct in their blows to the stomach

Some were laced in sarcastic digs that go just beneath the skin

Not enough to leave a mark but still hurt just as bad

Struggled with coping under the assumption that love and appreciation

Never belonged in the same year-end review for any of Mack's loved ones

Might be a possibility but it will never be directly uttered by him

His love came from the unspoken variety; said only on special occasions

Arguments came much easier to a man who never had it easy

Tried to take the good with the bad when it came to him

Not very easy when he tended to make the sanest howl at the moon

Better to have company when it was time to completely lose it

If not, where was the fun in dancing in the moonlight madness alone?

The perfect escape from another lecture.

The perfect escape from another lecture.

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