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My Life-Song. Monday's Inspiration 75

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

On music and sound

Music is the language of the soul. When it comes to worship (Ibadah), or spiritual practices, music is one of the most powerful forms of meditation and a conduit to the soul. Some speak of chants, while others use aphorisms or slokas in a particular way and this can be very effective also, depending on the nature of; the intensity of the individual soul.

Practically all Paths, use music or chants or recite slokas, which in themselves are extremely lofty, eloquent and sublime. Words carry spiritual energy, when used in a devotional way accompanied by faith, and music opens the door of receptivity, like the curtain to the sun, flooding the soul with beauty.

Guzheng (Zither)


My Life-songs

We are unique notes on the zither, of the

Music of life, playing our symphonies, in this

Prudent Orchestra of supernal excellence.

My life-song is the lyrical notes of Bob Dylan,

Cascading the wafts of solace in myriad Hearts.

It is the ethereal longing of a Lennon, calming

Despairing voices in the citadel of the soul.

My life-song is in the sweet sacrifice of a mother’s

Tears; the ethereal fragrances of her love,

Concealed in the concern and resilience for her children.

My life-song asks me to be kind; empathetic, for it knows

That each soul has its own struggles, and its thoughts

Turn largely upon itself; its constant challenges.

My life-song speaks of Love --that invisible within,

Propelling me to seek meaning and purpose

In all things, in my quest for true identity.

Love is the inner sweetness that walks with me,

Carrying my shadows and dancing my joys. It

Is the Light that floods my core with an un-

Spoken sweetness, nestling in the light of its own intensity.

How can I exist, without this song-bird of the dawn?

The starling carrying melodies, so that I can sing?

She visits me, in the throes of my deepest desires;

In the lamentations of negro spirituals, she’s there too.

The addict bellows a cloud of smoke from his

Addictions, because he too, seeks this ambrosial delight.


Sometimes, the moon is hidden by dark clouds,

Yet in the lustre and grandeur of the heavens,

I see so many nebulae! At times the tide is fast

And the waves overpowering, yet it is then

That Love caries me safely, to the golden shore.

My life-song is in the Heart of man,

And in the dark seeds of mental turmoil.

For if the stars do not descend into darkness,

How else will I be able, to see the illustrious Light?

My life-song unifies the Spirit; emanates the life

Of harmony and soars on the wings of candescent

Beauty. It adorns the robes of the glimmering sun,

And brightens the torch of inspiration.

My life-song conquers all that is unlike Truth;

Yet is patient, like the tortoise –diligent, yet never

Hurrying its stride. As a tree will not stand without

Cemented roots, neither does a house without foundation.

My life-song endlessly creates cadences of enduring

Love, so we can sing and dance like butterflies,

Mirroring the ever-increasing tapestry … of Being.

- Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 13th December, 2020

Lavenders, in the right mood, whispers music to the Heart


Music and its value to spiritual practice

© 2020 manatita44

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