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My Lost Friendship


The poem is about how the poet lost a true friendship, and how that friend was so important and dear to he thought their friendship can't be broken but yet it did.
Lost friendship narrative poem, it has 10 stanzas there are 40 lines in all the stanzas contains 4 lines each. The lines are craftily arranged in lambi pentameter with noticeable end rhyme, each stanza contains two alternative rhymes. Mostly the third and fourth lines an intervening rhyming line and a heroic couplet- abcc.

My Lost Friendship
Some years back I had a friend
I thought our bond was strong to be broken
We shared everything together
And we were happy together

Seeing each other every morning
Was something of great importance to me
Holding, feeling and talking to each other
We're son of my best moment ever

We had our moments both bad and good
And everyday we created a new memory
I wished and hoped we created plenty
As my mind keeps becoming empty

After few years we sheared together
A time came when we had to path ways
I was sad, broke, and lost
But like they say no good friendship is ever lost

We kept in touch despite our distance
Waiting by the phone for a call or a text
And when there is one we talk our hearts out
Paying attention to every details we let out

Then one day it all stoped
And it was as if the word had end
There was no call no text from me or my friend
And we drifted apart slowly to the end

And not for long it was a norm to us
And our friendship was a lost cost
Like a traveler without a way
And it was too last for us to amend our way

Oh how did we get here
How did the bridge broke so quickly
Remembering everything it was like yesterday
But it still feels like it never last a day

I will give anything to have my friend back
Search everywhere till i find my friend
And bring my friend back home
It might be long not everything was built in a day even Rome

My lost friendship
My heart pant for your return
I will always remember our friendship
Even through all my hardship.

© 2020 Alugwo Daniel Orji

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