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"Make Yourself at Home" --How Genuine The Saying Really Is?

Hello. I am a literature student who just keep falling in love harder and deeper into poems. Appreciating art is my full time job!

Make Yourself At Home- A Dramatic Poem

Room In Brooklyn by Edward Hopper

Room In Brooklyn by Edward Hopper

A Peek Into!

Make Yourself At Home; What does it really mean?

Make Yourself At Home--a dramatic poem analyses the most usually heard phrases and what do they all really mean. Make yourself at home they say, but what do they really mean by that? Are u allowed to make yourself at home or is it just another way of faking genuineness? A show put up with an act maybe?

Make Yourself At Home- a dramatic poem.


Make yourself at home,Hush!

keep it down.

Make yourself at home,Now,

care for tea?

Make yourself at home, Perhaps,

not in there.

Make yourself at home,Please!

do you mind?


Be at ease, why stiff?

Charmed host after all,

we are,

just like shore embracing waves.

We, are the ringmasters.


Little do they know,

while waves usher with surprises,

Oh yes, some arrayed,

but some,


I am not an act.

a house or a circus did i enter? i wondered.

if its a house, i'd want a home,

because home is not made,

but felt.

Make yourself at home, they say.

Actually, I don't have to.


The idea of a home came to me when I was visiting a relative's house. They were nice people, surely but it just didn't felt right. A little too much of smiling, a little too much of warm gesturing, a little too much in everything. I can't help but wonder, why are they doing this? What did i ever do to receive such hospitality from them? Or worse, what are they expecting in return for this? Then, it hits me! AH, Its a show. A show , strategically orchestrated to benefit from me. They are showmen and I am a part of the act. So, i played along. But not for long.

Ice melted, table turned, and masks torn.

Things went down the spiral after that when they knew they couldn't get what they wanted. When things didn't go as planned. And so the idea of guest can also bring surprises came to me. And that's how this poem came into existence. At least , I believe so.

Feel free to ask me anything in the comments and your feedbacks. Does this resonate with you on any level at all?

© 2021 Shayeeda Shady

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