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Lyfe Thru My Eyes

It’s been years

My eyes fill to the brim with tears

People listen but they don’t hear me

Telling how I’m in fear

Yelling but they don’t hear me

Is my purpose even near me

Do I even know what to seek?

The self love is a challenge

Self reflection is a battle

But the mirror shows me what I need to see

It hurts to look but I see it

A bunch of random thoughts and beliefs in my head

If I cry too hard i see red

In my eyes, but in my bed

My thoughts roam

They connect when I’m alone

I’ve got too much going on

I’ve always wondered, how does home

Even feel? Is Jesus real?

You go to hell when you kill?What’s real

Are my emotions

I’m not a book but I’m wide open

My mind is doing circles

I just wish there was a potion

To fix where I’m broken

To heal where I’m torn open

I want to be at peace

I feel like life’s a joke

And I try to keep the hope

I laugh to clear the smoke

My past is all she wrote

My present is a tight rope

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