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Lusting for Love

Poetry is turning out to be a very cathartic medium, I should do this more often.

Set the Mood


Do you wish to be wrapped in my embrace,

To feel my soft caress upon your face?

Know that in my heart you have a place,

And wouldn’t mind a nibble if I suit your taste.

I’ve been watching you from across the way,

Beautiful stranger I think of every day.

Maybe this time you’ve come to stay,

Don’t fear to ask if I’ll come and play.

It is never enough to sit and think,

Resisting too long can rot and stink.

So pour out your passions and let me drink,

All I need is that affirming wink.

Our love could grow if we left our seats,

Hold me close feel how my heart beats.

Let your mind drift on me with no retreats,

Devour one another like delicious sweets.

Love conquers all for it lights a fire,

Let’s immerse and soar ever higher.

Your entire being is all I require,

And in return fulfill your every desire.

Love in the Air

I can't be sure why, but I was overcome with passion just now as if the pure essence of love was being carried on the wind. The desire to feel the warmth of another pressed tightly against me, to go dancing and prancing with our insecurities and love for one another, to explore something not yet touched upon....

Fleeting, but a man can fantasize, no?

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