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Lungs of the Universe

Writing poetry is an alternative form of self-expression. Every poem is a learning experience - a creative process to enrich one's life.

Breathing the Universe In and Out Again

Idyllwild, Ca., a tree lovers paradise.

Idyllwild, Ca., a tree lovers paradise.


I am blessed. There was a time when I had no place to go, nowhere to live. Now, I wake up to a mountain community right in the thick of a magnificent forest. My friends are trees, birds, critters, and even tiny ants. There is no separation between me and Mother Gaia. I watch the earth breathe around me, and I feel my own breathing fall into harmony with it.

The Lungs of the Universe

The lungs of the universe

Expanding and contracting

Cooling our planet

Keeping us alive

Absorbing carbon dioxide

A colorless, odorless gas

Breathing out oxygen

Flowing effortlessly, in and out

Earth breathes a million colors

Forests, oceans, plants

Providing unlimited air

The Gaia theory

Her organs join forces

Finding calm amongst the chaos

Letting go of agitation

Peaceful breath, the web of life.

Breathing Earth

© 2021 Audrey Hunt