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Luna & Sol


A Poem

Luna was created in darkness

she believed that’s where she belonged
but there was never a moment she felt at peace
the emptiness surrounding her made her lonely
so Luna would dream to ease the pain of isolation

she dreamt of a change where loneliness no longer existed
it was inviting but she knew it to be unrealistic
“it’s just a dream
a wish ungranted”
she would tell herself whenever the thoughts would visit

one day
far in the distance
Luna saw something peculiar
a glimmer
a flicker
something was coming towards her

the darkness parted
making room for this being of light
with him he brought colour and life
and as he grew closer
she saw herself for the first time

Luna understood that she wasn’t part of the darkness
she looked nothing like it
in fact she was as beautiful as the light reflecting off of her
and she realized she didn’t ever want to be in darkness again

said the bright fiery stranger

Luna was shy but found comfort in his light
she said

“I am Sol”

“I am Luna”

“Luna, why are you here?”
Sol asked

“this is where I belong”

“in the darkness?”

I think so”
she said
unsure of herself

Sol began to fall back into the distance
Luna was alone again

the darkness was colder than usual
she wished the stranger named Sol had stayed a little longer
she felt herself missing the way his light made her feel
and as time passed by
she would often dream of him

the memory of Sol became a blur
and Luna wondered if it had all been real

until one day she heard her name being called

Sol’s voice echoed over her
his light grew closer
“this is for you”
he said
spreading stars out into the darkness

Luna was mesmerized by their beauty
“thank you Sol”

“the only reason
you should ever
be in darkness
is to see the stars
in all their glory”
he said

once again Sol disappeared
but Luna didn’t feel so cold and lonely
the stars were a reminder of Sol and his warmth
she knew he’d be back

when he did come back
he asked if she would explore the unknown with him
“I’m scared”
she said
“I’ve never left the darkness
it’s where I belong”

“if you truly belonged here
then why do you shine
so brightly in my light?”

but her fear made her retreat
“goodbye Sol”

and so he left once again

sadness consumed her
would he ever return?

Luna was left wishing she’d gone with him
aching deep within was regret
not even the stars could make her feel at peace

but time turned sadness into bravery
and suddenly Luna wanted to change
she no longer wanted to spend her life in the darkness
so she left and journeyed into the unknown

she often thought about Sol
and wondered where he was
but soon the journey of life buried the memory of him
numbing her heart from missing him

until one day they crossed paths
the two of them embraced like old friends
it felt as though no time had passed between them

they hadn’t realized how much they’d missed each other until that moment
and they each vowed to never leave each other again

“I never want to go
another day without
you by my side”
Sol said

“I only want to journey this life
with you by my side”
Luna said

and never again did Luna go another day in darkness


BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on February 28, 2020:


This poem says so much. We can all feel like we are in the dark at times, but moving forward to the light is where we can live.

I loved the story. So sweet.

Thanks for sharing.

Liz Westwood from UK on February 27, 2020:

I appreciated the clever use of names and the way you wove your poem around them.

Elise (author) from Melbourne on February 27, 2020:

Thank you Lorna! :)

Lorna Lamon on February 27, 2020:

Your poem read like a journey of discovery with a very mystical feel. Beautiful writing Elise - loved it.

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