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Lulu's Universe

I'm just a human.Being. Simple but significant definitely a daydream believer and passionate about writing and photography. Believe in you!


I'm a dreamer and I'm full of hopes,

I feed with prayers and words.

I walk on illusions and you are my road,

I can't move on because my heart stopped.

But you are the blessing I count everyday,

From billions of words you're my essay.

I feel your love deep inside to the core,

I crave for that warm breath on my ear once more.

Leave me to rest now and stop my heart to feel all this pain,

Life of a dreamer is full of roses with thorns and rainbows through rain.

Life and death

Maybe life and the years go by like a breeze on the sea,

But memories are not lost neither do perish or hurts.

Towards the sky we go a step every day,

And the noise around us becomes just a whisper.

Let's turn our gaze to infinity again,

And pray that tomorrow we rise up once more.


The happiness is never found in material things not bought or earned but always lies at our state of mind and heart!



"There is a place where I can hear the sound of a thousand moments ,in a tiny warm corner of my own soul ,the only existing space of a billion words left unspoken and an infinity of posibilities I never tried."

© 2021 Laura Maria Florea

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