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Lulu and the Archangel: a Supernatural Love Poem

John has been writing poetry since his school days. He was awarded the "Best Poet 2014 and 2021" Hubby Awards.


Lulu and the Archangel

Two figures stood within the night
As rain fell down in sheets.
Their love was once, but now in ruins,
Like leaves dropped from a tree.

She cried, "Please stop, you're hurting me!"
He ignored her muffled plea.
The demon grabbed her rain soaked dress
And ripped it from her soul.

He placed one hand upon her head
And forced her to her knees.
With belt released, he tied her hands,
His fist entwined her hair.

Unrestrained his weapon rose,
He thrust it t'ward her mouth.
She screamed, "No, no, please let me go!"
He struck a stinging blow.

Suddenly, the lightning struck,
A clap of thunder rang.
From out the heavens, through the storm
The avenging angel flew.

He struck the man a mortal blow,
Then took her in his arms.
His mighty wings encircled her,
protecting her from harm.

They flew out from the raging storm,
To a starry, moonlit place.
She gazed into his loving eyes,
As he gently stroked her face.

She asked, "My saviour, what's your name?"
"Archangel Gabriel,
I've been appointed to protect,
And guard my love, from hell."

Lulu nestled in his arms,
They melted into one.
Beneath his wings, now safe and warm
She met the rising sun.


On wakening she was all alone,
She thought it was a dream.
But as her eyes fell to her breast,
A feather could be seen.

She cried, "My love, why did you go?"
A voice boomed from above
"Cherished One, I had to leave,
The earth is not my home."

"My love for you is heavenly,
I'll watch your every move.
A million stars that shine above
Display my love for you."

"But when your heart is aching
Or hardships block your path,
Just call to me My Darling,
I'll come so very fast."

Now every time she sheds a tear,
Or dangers come her way,
She holds the feather to her heart
And gazes at the sky.

Without delay, the lightning strikes,
The thunderous heavens roar,
The mighty angel plummets down
To hold his Love, once more.


© 2014 John Hansen