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Lullaby Memory

Poetry that comes from the writer's heart of things she has seen or come to know about, sharing what that heart has learned.

High Heels and Mini Dresses


Which Came First Music or Changes?

Who remembers the sixties? The music was a dream come true, who could even imagined it? It was something that had never been.

Was the music the reason for all the changes? The way we dressed? The way we thought? Our demands for rights and freedoms?

Or did our thoughts about freedom and rights make the music what it was?

Drugs were as big a thing as was war. No one kept anything hid anymore. Sex was open and unashamed.

Many girls burned their bras, many guys burned their draft cards. Many guys went and died. Many left the country to keep from going to war.

What was right? What was wrong? We all had our own ideas. Some protested and made it known what they were thinking. Some kept their feelings to themselves.

Were other generations having these same changes and this was really nothing new?

Whatever the answer was it was no doubt the most memorable time of my lifetime.

This poem was born of some of those thoughts and memories.

Does Everyone Remember Twiggy?


Lullaby Memory

Listen to this lullaby melody of youth

We all have been there and do recall

feelings we had for so many years

The music and beauty, we had it all

Our teens were such a special time

No one else could make that claim

No one in all the ages that we knew

could have ever known the same

Cool or hot?


We saw our beauty and it was good

Love was the answer to everything

Staying high on love and laughter

A new band daily it seemed did sing

Music was like it had never been

Groups spilled out from everywhere

So blessed we were in this time

No one seemed to have a care



We sang and danced celebrating

A life we knew had no ending

We all put flowers in our hair

It was a message we were sending

Love and peace; and joy to the world

Peace was the word; we had the sign

Beauty shared to never come again

What’s mine is yours & yours is mine

The Magic Beans


It was a time of history in the making

Yet no one could know like we did

the only heaven on earth to be

Our feelings inside could not be hid

We burned our bridges and our bras

having new freedoms in every way

There was honesty in all our feelings

A high in love and joy lived every day

Guitar Man


Never time before & no time after

would there be such a unity

of youth bound in such magic

Dare it be likened to eternity?

When did it all end...I never knew

Gone when we were as a bird so free

Yet closing my eyes I can go back

In a sweet lullaby melody memory

Close your eyes...come go with me…

Drugs and Culture

Peace is the Word

© 2022 Jackie Lynnley

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