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Lucky Leaf

I'm a caregiver and an artist. I received high honors in creative writing, fine arts, and sculpture at Montserrat College of Art.


Lucky Leaf

Walking the dog today I saw an unusual sight.

A leaf-shaped like a heart, what a lovely delight.

I picked it up and took it home so my beautiful wife could see.

I told her,

"Close your eyes."
"Hold out your hands."
"Just do it gently."

I dropped the leaf lightly into her palms and told her not to squeeze. "Be so very still, and try not to breathe."

When she opened her eyes, to glimpse my leafy surprise, it made her very happy.

She chuckled and blushed then game me a kiss as she said, "Thank you for this, but it's slightly sappy."

You know what they say about a happy life. Well, I just made myself a very happy wife.

One in Ten Thousand

Tens of thousands of yellow-orange leaves are scattered on the ground.

This one is like a conjoined twin that did not spit and made a heart.

This is how I found it all alone away from the other leaves just waiting for me to pick it up.

So I did.

I brought it home to my wife with a hug and a kiss.

She was amazed and delighted.

© 2020 Jason Nicolosi


Fam on March 18, 2020:

Aww! So cute and lovely poem! I enjoyed it Jason. You are an amazing talent and congratulations for that!

Have a good day.

Jason Nicolosi (author) from AZ on January 27, 2020:

Thanks, Alyssa I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Alyssa from Ohio on January 26, 2020:

This is sweet. It's the simple things in life that often bring the most joy. Lovely poem, Jason!

Jason Nicolosi (author) from AZ on January 11, 2020:

Thanks very much for the wonderful comment Purvi. Not ever gift has to cost a lot of money to have meaning. Just like the leaf I found. For costing 0.0 dollars it sure did bring my wife a big smile.

Purvi from India on January 10, 2020:


It's a simple and sweet poem. Yeah, I also believe that the wife finds happiness in small things that are not costly. But, the wife wishes that the husband give a surprise to her.

Wonderful poem, Jason

Jason Nicolosi (author) from AZ on January 05, 2020:

Thanks, Brenda I think it is cool to be a little sappy once in a while too. My wife loved the leaf. She actually put it in some clear plastic then stuck it in between the pages of a big book(To keep it flat and preserved.). I appreciate the comment.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on January 04, 2020:

Love this! It is so adorable.

I think it is okay to be sappy every now and then.

Cute write.

Jason Nicolosi (author) from AZ on January 04, 2020:

Thanks for reading my poem Shannon. I am happy you enjoyed it.

Shannon Henry from Texas on January 04, 2020:

Aww....what a sweet poem to read this evening. Child-like delight never gets old.

Jason Nicolosi (author) from AZ on January 04, 2020:

Thanks Ruby. I believe that it's the little thing in life that count. I appreciate the comment.

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on January 04, 2020:

Sometimes it's the smallest things that make a wife happy, it looks like you found it..

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