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Loving/Loathing the Thyroid Sized Alien

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Unable to formulate a plot or narrative for the day

Beyond putting one foot literally in front of the other

Sadly, this now included tripping over the foot

Every five to ten minutes down a long hallway

Words garbled without 10 shots of Fireball being inhaled

Ready to turn into Mr. T or Rambo when pushed too far

Pitying the fool who crossed this once docile chickadee

Fed up with being told that my emotional outbursts

And feats of a screeching anxiety ridden cat were too much

A rather unnecessary reaction to minor taps on the shoulder

Told by multiple people that calming down was important

Essential for good health and ultimate relaxation

What a joke that is! Laughing every time told to calm down

How can you relax when your brain turned into the Tasmanian Devil?

Tearing up hotel rooms just because the bellboy looked at him funny

Instead of giving him a shoddy tip; decided to make him earn paycheck

Television flew out of 20 story window into the swimming pool below

Tears streaming down the face of an emotional fool without reward

Deemed a crazy irrational fool by the masses for too long

Know deep down that there's a physical undercurrent going on

A medical shark swimming upstream to all vital organs

Tearing every rational thought and feeling to shreds

A ravenous creature who can't get enough of my insides

Pushed to the brink of being a shell of their formerly vivacious self

Ordered by doctors and family members to get with the program

Struggling to pinpoint where Jaws was hiding or napping

And harpoon the living daylights out of that monstrosity

Destroy the hidden passenger and bury him in the past

Need to find some modicum of normalcy

Now that's there is a reason to

A partner who made it worth getting up in the morning

Time to live up to a private promise to get better

This time for good.

Already feeling lousy. No shot required.

Already feeling lousy. No shot required.