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Loving the Beast

Poetry is turning out to be a very cathartic medium, I should do this more often.

Set the Mood


She saw standing before her a beast,

One who would chew through her enemies.

A fear so cold it shook her to her core,

Entrenched itself in her burning soul.

Holding her hand out in invitation,

She welcomed the beast to explore.

So did the beast grip it tight,

Pulling her in to his chaotic world.

The girl was swept up off her feet,

His chest was warm, he held her tightly.

Fear turned to a sense of safety,

Despite the field of bodies behind him.

She caressed his face as they ran,

Biting gently at his neck to tease.

The beast only needed a direction,

And so she pointed out the way.

There were many on the road,

Frail and strong alike stood as obstacles.

She beckoned him to clear the path,

And at no cost but for her love did the beast obey.

Arrows of spite fell from the sky,

The beast shielded her from each one.

Nursing his wounds with the power of passion,

He only begged for more bittersweet offerings.

He ripped, he tore, and he howled with fury,

The girl in his arms safe and warm.

Spurring the beast onward to her glory,

And the beast happy to slay her burdens.

Duality Always

There's the good in this world, and there is the bad; no matter what, you are going to see both in every individual you meet. The important part of duality is you find the yin to your yang, the light to your dark, and the fire to your ice. If you cannot love the bad in someone, then you cannot fully appreciate them at their best either.

Always remember, both the good and bad in another person is what you make of it!

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