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Loving You as Long as I Live

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


Like a lion that fears no other

Animal in the wilderness, he

Walks, He is bold, purposeful

Determinant and dogged

When he speaks, his voice

Reverberates in the wilderness

Of the enemies hearts and

They would be scampering for safety

He does not lack anything

Whatever he wants comes to

Him even at the exact moment

That he needs it.

He is specially created, a

Unique being among other beings

When I look at him

My heart is always at rest

Though his voice sends

Jitters into the hearts of

Others, especially other ladies

Because they do not know him

But his voice to me brings

Comfort, relieve, joy, peace

The happiness that envelopes my

Heart on hearing him speak is indescribable

It is always my heart desire to

Hear him speak if I do not

Hear him speak to me in

Day my day has not been completed

Hearing him speak makes me

Smile, makes me burst into

Laughter, his voice is sweet

Refreshing and encouraging

Whenever I see him I forget

My anxieties, my pains, my fears

The mountains before me are

Leveled whenever I see him

His boldness is my assurance,

His love is my pillar,

His trust is unparalleled,

He is awesome

His care for me is as

A lion who cares for

Its young, he never suffers

Me to see corruption

He always stands to defend

Me, he is always there for

Me, with him I have no fear

With him I have complete rest

When others are crying, I

Do not because he has told

Me that I have not to cry

Because he will always be there

The young lions do cry

And suffer, but that cannot

Be said of the old lions

He has repeatedly told me this

He is always reassuring me

For he knows that I need

Constant reassurances, for I am

Not like him, am yet feeble

A feeble minded one needs

Constant reassurance, and that he

Is always ready to give lest

I be discouraged on the way


This reassurances is my anchor

His reassurances keeps me going

I cannot fail because I know

He will always be there

I know he will come at

The nick of time, though

It may seem late, but

He will come when I need him

He has declared for me

His unconditional love, and

I believe him for in his eyes

I see and read love

He is always in my heart

He is as a band on my wrists

And like a necklace around

My neck his love is there

Like a strings of beads around

The waists of a beautiful lady

Espoused to her love is his

Love in my heart

He has told me that he is

For me, and I know he is mine

Nothing could separate me from

Him, nothing could replace his love in my heart

Though the world gathers together

Against us they will stumble and fall

Though guys try to separate us

They will fail

Though ladies gather to distract him

I know they shall not succeed

Because he is stable and reliable

He is not like waves of the sea

My heart is glued on him

He is my everything, he is

My all in all, as long as

I live, I declare my love for him


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