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Loving You Is Not Optional

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


Every time I see you, I see a different person,

Your beauty is charming yet you think and say I am flattering you,

I know I am not flattering you, because your beauty is outstanding,

Though you do not have what others possess, yet your are extremely beautiful,

Though you do not add what others add to improve upon their beauties, yet your naturalness, supersedes those who add other things to their bodies to make them more beautiful and win people’s hearts,

Your natural beauty shows God’s works, A Masterpiece Potter,

Your natural beauty stirs the minds of people up, making people to pray for your kind of beauty,

Therefore, I used to thank my God and star for finding you,

Discovering such a wonderful beauty,

For you are a personified angel in your beauty,

Everyone who sees you look at you thrice because of your beauty,

It is an overwhelming beauty that could not be brushed aside nor ignore by any

Your beauty though outstanding, yet you have a voice that is like that of birds

Your voice cools nerves when I hear you speak,

It is always my desire to hear you speak because of your voice,

For when I hear you,

Your voice like an electricity passes through my whole being,

From my head right to my toes, igniting me,

It is a special voice, that people find rare around,

Some have said, people with your kind of voices come once every century,

That is to find someone with your kind of voice in the neighborhood,

We shall have to wait for another century,

This shows that your voice is rare,

It is a kind of voice the Almighty gives special persons

And that person would be begotten every century,

That means our generation cannot find a person with your kind of voice again

By your voice you have healed many,

Your voice has healings attached with it

I cannot but always thank my God for having you in my life

Every time I smell your body,

The aroma that comes out of you is like that of lily of the valley

Like different flowers planted in a garden that make scents of gardens attractive

Making the garden a place that one will always long for to be,

That is how the scent of your body is,

You always make me look forward to be by your side,

For rubbing your body on me,

Also makes my body smell very nice,

Whenever I rub my body on you or you rub your body on me,

People always ask me where I have been

Because of the scent that I oozes out of my body,

It is different, nice, and attractive,

I do not know why I deserve someone like you are

Special made of the Lord

Your daily walk with me makes me elegant

All eyes are usually on us when we walk together,

Because you are rare,

Walking with a rare one always attract attention,

I have gained prominence by our walking together,

I have been given a new status because of our walk together,

Though once hidden, but our walking together has not made me hidden again,

For as none can prevent sun from daily emerging,

So can no one prevent the prominence I have gained by our togetherness

Like an angel whose legs never touch the ground so you are when you walk

Like a deer with beautiful feet on the rocks so are you when you walk,

Like an eagle whose path cannot be discovered on the firmament,

That is how your walk is,

How angelic your walk is

I cannot do without your touch a day,

Going a day without touching you makes me feel somehow

It makes me feel awkward and not completed

Because when you touch it is as if the Host of Heavens has touched me,

When you touch it is as if I am no longer on earth,

Your touch takes me to another realm,

A new realm higher than the earth,

A new planet that I cannot explain,

Your touch makes me feel as if I am in the presence of the Almighty,

Your hand is special,

Your fingers are wonderful,

Rubbing them all over me

Makes me feel great

Your heart-shaped lips

Makes me see your heart from your lips,

Kissing you is wonderful,

Charging my body,

When I am down and the battery of my body is flat,

It becomes charged when I kissed you,

Your tongue tastes like honeycomb,

Your tongue passes current of love to my body,

This current of love I take around daily,

Discovering you are mine and you will ever be mine,

Make me feel on top of the world every day,

I do not know what I have done to make me deserve such a person like you,

A wonderful being with a complete heart,

A lovely being with a lovely heart,

A beautiful damsel with a heart full of love for me,

An angel personified with uncommon words of love,

An angelic being with soothing fingers,

Loving you is not optional,

Loving you is what I daily do,

It is what I will continue to do,

As long as I have my being…