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Loving A Monster

Rosemary is author of six books on mental health and inspirational poetry. She is a motivational speaker and a volunteer peer advocate.


I loved you

For the monster that you are

I did not know

That you were empty inside

All my life

I believed your lies

The way you related to me

Made me codependent and me I sometimes despised

I had to learn

how to grow

To let go of past ties

In time I grew more and more

Became stronger and stronger

And in prison to you I am no longer

You bought me any way you could

Sometimes you used money to get me to do your bidding

Unfortunately your lies and deception

hurt not just me but others as well

This is just my tale to tell

Of how we can overcome

You played your role

you needed others

And used your children

As you were a mother

To entertain you

To keep you company

While dividing them against each other

It's really been painful

time and time again

And now that you're 87

Perhaps it has to end

I no longer can be a victim

No matter what it costs me I need to be free

Free of pain

Free of jealousy

Free of whatever tricks you try to throw my way

Your emptiness inside

made you think it was okay to lie

This desperate feeling in you

Was what controlled your actions

I do hope that if there is a God

He forgives you

For all the pain and bullshit

You put us....through

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