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I love the way you talk. Your eyes sparkle.
I love the way you talk about ants or about the lives of american presidents. I never cared about them but there's something about the way you describe and tell about things that always amazes me. It's scary sometimes.
I love the way your shoulder touches mine when we walk. The warmth pierces through my body. It feels nice.
I love the sound of your voice. I hear them in my dreams.
I love the way you make me feel special just by looking at me. Your eyes telling me that you will always be there.
I love the way you call me at nights telling me about stupid things you did. I want to be there with you.
I love your kindness. You always have some good words to say to everyone even to shitty ones. I love you.
I love you that I will stop crying now that you will be with someone you love.
I will miss you but I want you to be happy and never lose that sparkle in your eyes when you talk about the things you love.
I will miss those times when we just sit side by side and don't talk.
I had these dreams about our future together. The future where I was the one feeling your body and making you breakfast.
I love you that I will try not to be so damn angry at myself for not telling you that I love you and you are the only person I ever get close to with.
I love you that I will not blame you that much for this pain, for not seeing through my smiles and the time we spent together.
I love you that I will not overthink that much about how good we would've been.
I never kissed anyone. I always thought you'll be that one but maybe you are kissing somebody right now.
I love you that I will stop hating you right now.

© 2020 Old Notebook Poetry

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