Loves You the Most

Updated on January 25, 2018

Ha ha, ha ha

Its not fair

How I keep loving you

When you aren’t even there

Ha ha, ha ha

He just stood and cried

As I still blame him

Since the night you died

Ha ha, ha ha

My heart cries for you

For you loved me

And I loved you too

Ha ha, ha ha

Now my laugh is gone

Torn apart by reason

My heart beats strong

A knife in one hand

And a sickle in another

I slowly made my way

Towards that bastard

He took you away from me

He took you really far

You’d still be here today

If you’d not got in his car

I hope you thought of me

Right before you died

All that bastard did was moan

When I was the one that truly cried

Now the knife comes down

On that scarred face of his

Ignorance was torture

Revenge is truly bliss

His blood splattered my face

As I relished in pure delight

As the weak hand of his fell

He knew he lost the fight

You always loved me most

I can’t think of any love more fonder

Although the bastard called me his son

This orphan loves you the most, mother.

© 2018 Vivek


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