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Loves Sweet Spirit


Once in a lifetime I’ve heard it said,

Without true love---one’s heart is dead.

Tender looks of wishful yearning,

Kept her passion forever turning.

Softly his fingers visited her silky skin,

Moaning her lips located his again.

Slow dancing so sweetly tore him apart,

Her soft closeness filled his heart.

When the “Tennessee Waltz” ended,

His heart descended.

Her blue eyes question his intention,

His full masterful lips took hers in retention.

The music had stopped---but they danced on,

They waltzed until dawn.

She looked at the light of day,

Then she ran away.

He watched her run from him,

But return she would---when the light was dim.

Because she was an Angel who came back into his life,

On this lonely Island---she had drowned years before

---as his wife.

He never left--- each day as the sun slipped away,

She danced into his arms---he held on tight so she would stay.

True love never dies---an emotion of its own,

It will leave you bruised---and make you groan.

A spirit love she can only be,

They consummated their love by the sea.

Every day he waited for her soft voice,

What else---he had no choice.

To leave without her---he never contemplated,

Their hopes, dreams and lifetime were outdated.

Their spirits lived on for hundreds of years,

All who heard the sad story were in tears.

Two markers showed where they rest,

Under a Palm tree---beneath a white dove's nest.

On his weather-beaten marker was half a heart,

And craved on hers was the other half---to never be apart.

© 2022 Barbara Purvis Hunter

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