Love's Loyalty

Updated on March 24, 2018

True Love

The child born to save us

Rose on the third day

The man who taught through stories

Lives within us, His Spirit stays.

Mysteries of God are not for us to understand

His Divine purpose, His unique plan

Mysteries of Life are up to Him

The unknown is not for us to figure out.

Philosophical thinkers thought earth was flat

Walking too far we might fall

Why is it man tries to understand everything?

And not let God give him knowledge.

I love to sit and think

Daydream and read

Paris and adventure

Music and ocean seas.

Being in love with love

A wonderful feeling

Being in love with goodness

Making a true reality.

Romantic love

Agape love

Different in the same

I am all in my feelings

Thinking of God

Giving Him praise.

What is true love?

The poet's write for centuries

Shakespeare's endless confessions search

The heart's intrusive moments.

Walking the trails

Feeling energized

Renewing my mind

Physically and mentally fit

Pressing the weights

Living for God divine.


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