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I'm Not Giving Up On You

I'm not giving up on you,

even when the people make known their hatred and disbelief.

I'm not giving up on you,

they may put nails within my feet and hands,

and pierce my side with a sword.

They many mock me,

Curse me,

Spit on me,

but no matter what,

I'm not giving up on you.

I won't stop loving you,

Even if you are,

or were in that crowed,

I still love you,

And always will,

Because you are mine,

And I am your Lord.

More Than A Man

He looked at them with loving eyes,

his eyes that seemed to whimper,

he wished they'd see his pain,

he wanted them to know he loved them,

but with all his efforts,

they still hated him,

and they looked on with dissatisfying eyes.

You see this man wished to save them,

but they only turned,

and beat him to a cross,

with rusty nails,

and placed a crown of thorns on his head,

that only stabbed his heart,

with even greater pain.

Tears ran down his checks,

but they only laughed.

But you see this man wasn't crying for himself,

in fact he knew this would happen,

he faced his fate honorably,

and with love for them.

You see this man,

didn't care what happened to him,

for he knew his father was with him,

and would never leave him,

But you see this man only cried for you and me.

The End and The Beginning

False prophets preach

Pharisees teach

a blackened blanket touches the earth

with it's cold fingers

the people cry out in pain.

Amongst the Lord's people

a light is seen in flashes

voices of thunder ring out

as monks sing an unknown hymn

the Lord arrives on a chariot of clouds

his people shout for joy

For Christ is back on earth

here to bring them home.

The righteous taste victory,

as the wicked are tossed into an acid lake,

and heaven and Earth are made a new.

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