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Everything Around us Has a Story to Tell. A Christmas Offering to Doris James Miz Bejabbers

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Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.



Love and Blessings from Above. Happy New Year to all my Friends

Everything around us, has a story to tell.

Listen to the singing of nightingales, their

Melodious voices drift upon the dawn,

Soothing my Heart with their eloquence.

Bees rest, on their melliferous flowers, their gentle

Droning, an amazing healer to their surroundings.

Butterflies flap their wings, soaring and fluttering

In their natural habitats, to create a bright new day.

Everything around us, has a story to tell.

If you listen carefully, you will hear the sound

Of serenity in Silence; the intricate dance of hyacinths,

Whispering the innocence of children, playing in the orchard.

Rolling waves splash against the rocks, somewhat like

The swinging breeze of pendulums, in their struggle to

Maintain justice. The scent of jasmines lingers, like an enduring

Memory; camellias blush, as my strokes ornament Your beauty.

My Empress, Your smile reflects the glories of the sun;

Your words, like music, playing endless symphonies in my soul.

The wafts of lavenders, in the crisp morning air, adorns me

With Thy intimate scent, impeccable, like the illustrious moon.


I see You, descending, like an eagle, from the perennial

Heavens, nourishing the daffodils with Your morning dew.

Awakening their blossoming petals with new life,

My core melts, bewitched by Thy ethereal Light.

Everything around us, has a story to tell.

The beggar clad in rags, can sometimes reminds us,

Of a painful abyss, even as ailments herald,

The nature of ephemeral things.

Life moves in cycles. New seedlings shoot sprouts in

Another spring; summer will once more call upon the

Rising sun. Yet You blend so well in the stillness of my Heart,

Carving Your bewildering smile upon its frequency.

Tracking my longing, like a light-seeking rose, I

Lay my incandescent colours at Thy feet Divine.

Sweet Shyama, do You feel my pain? This tug on a

Memory that’s eternal, always wooing the wine of Thy breath?

I grasp at Your silhouette, only to embrace You, for

Infinity’s sake. Why should I leave this life to destiny?

I know that with an unwavering will, one day You’ll

Be mines. My soul cascades, like autumnal colours, only with

The agony of yearning – a sacrifice for the sugar of Thy lips.

I am already falling, hopelessly in Love with You,

And once we merge, like endless time, You and I will

Disappear, yet never perish. This … is certain. Everything

Around us, has a story to tell, yet ours are the quintessential

Ballad, of Love’s enduring fire, burning ceaselessly in the Heart.

Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 27th December, 2019


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