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Lover's Short Poetry

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication



A shy maiden who has been subsumed in love, her mind flashes back to the only man in her life and she decides to pen some words coming into her heart down for her man expressing her undying love, endless love she has for him and what she expects would become of their romantic relationship.


Thinking about you has been

My number one tonic everyday,

My day barely completes without

The thought of you

You have occupied the central

Focus of my life that every other

Things revolve around

Like a focus on which the pulley

Revolves around, my life and

Activities revolve around you

In any of the activities that I do

If you ain't there the activity will

Soon become a dead thing

For you are the life that is

Being breathed into my activities

If there is no life in a thing, the

Thing is dead.

Without you in my life I am a

Walking corpse, a breathing corpse

Like a person who has been comatosed

I wonder how I was able to survive

The previous years before our coming

Together, before we get to know

Then I know I was able to survive those

Moments because I am being programmed

To meet you which has happened

It's an understatement saying you are the

Best that happened to me for I can't

Quantify nor express how you are

And what you meant to me

You are my everything, you are my

World. The reason I am still existing

In the world is because of you

The reason I will continue to exist in the world is you because I know you will

Continue to make me happy

You will continue to make me joyous

You are my smaller God

The beginning and end of my love

Your voice I love to hear

Your face I like to always behold

You are my reflection

I am your reflection

I am in you, you are in me

I am leaving this simple memories of love behind so that wherever you are I will be there

I am carrying your logo of love with me

So that wherever I am you will also be

For your logo of love will be like you accompanying me to wherever I go

(The End)