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Lover’s Smile #2

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...

Ibiwoye Deborah

Ibiwoye Deborah

As she looks at his photos taken to put them in remembrance of those memorable days

She started thinking of when he will return and she will be in his arms again. She always

Likes to be around him, thus, when he has not been posted alongside others to deal with the

Terrorists, hardly could a second pass before they talk, many thanks to the social media,

Sometimes back she thinks of how the world was like when there was no social media, how

Were lovers coping with each other, so lovers would wait for hours before they finished from

Their Offices before communicating with each other again. She had said to herself that

She definitely would have find it hard living during those days, or maybe she would have

Adapted to the system too, like others, but really, that time was “some kinds of times”. Now

She knows how it was living during those periods when her heartbeat has been seconded

Alongside others to deal with some of the terrorists. Her spouse hardly finds time to

Commune with her, for he says, the network at the area is bad and many times those terrorists

Who are also experts in many areas used to “jam” the network thus preventing any forms

Of communication, either though data or real phone calls. The reports she is gotten from the

Social media of late is not encouraging as the people are reporting that those terrorists were

Terrible people, deadlier than they had imagined, she remembered a time when her

Spouse could also send a message to her, the message which was not fully delivered he says

The place is tougher than he had imagined. Adding that to what she has been hearing and

Reading from the pages of the media, no one could predict who would return home

Safely from the den of those terrorists, as it is been said that whomsoever goes to the den

Of lion and return should be congratulated. The smile on her face fades off as this thought

Crosses her mind and she silently offers some words of prayers of protection for her

Lover and heartbeat. She prays that God should protect him from the wolves in skin

Clothing who are in his team, that he will be protected from the careless colleagues who

Would mistakenly shoot their colleagues on the battle field, and prays that he will return

Not maimed, but he will return with all his body parts complete as he has left as a complete

Man sometimes back. After offering this words of prayers to himself, she discovers that

Taylor Swift - Love Story

Some loads have been taken off her shoulders by some spiritual forces and her heart is

Now lighter, then she started smiling to herself again, went to where those photos are and

Took some of them, started rubbing his fingers across the face of her lover on the photos

Then smiling to herself again, and then thinking of what they will do after he finishes

This assignment, where they will leave for together to be alone together again and play, smile

Dine and wine together, cook for him his delicious meals as he had told him that he likes

Some local dishes, will cook those for him specially. She was then demonstrating how

She would be walking before him during that period that she will take leave of absence from

Her office and they will be together in his room Downtown, after which she started humming

A song that she has Composed in her heart that she will sing for him,

“Thou art mine and mine alone,

Thou art my dream and dream alone,

Thou art the kind of person I have ‘ver longed for,

Thou art the kind of man I had ever prayed for,

Thou art my only wish, my only man, my everything

When thou wast away I thought the world has finished

Thine presence hast made me happy,

Thine presence hast given me joy,

The hopes and dreams that had been mirage

When you left have been restored,

And now I know that together forever,

My Love, My Gem, My Dream, My Honey

Forever I will love you and be for you”


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