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Lover’s Smile #1

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication

Ifeoluwa Rhoda

Ifeoluwa Rhoda

She is all alone in her office, and was seen smiling to herself, her heart is gone, obviously

Not within the confines of her works, she then drops the ball pen on her hand as she looks at

The photos hang on the walls, it is the photo she took with him before he left for official

Assignment some weeks back. He has gone to defend his country against the terrorists

Who have been harassing the land for couple of weeks back, and the activists, the

International communities, some investors have called on the country’s leaderships to find

A lasting solution to those terrorists if they want development for the country. He had been

One of those people who the government have selected to go and face those terrorists in their

Camps. She is now flashing back her mind to the past times, when she has been in his arms,

She is remembering their past interactions together, how he had passionately kissed her,

How they had gone to the park to relax and they had left for the open fields playing, how

He had playfully raised his hands up closing his eyes, and by the time his hands would come

Down, she was nowhere to be found, and when he opened his eyes seeing her far off him

He had started pursuing her. She has continued to run in the open field while he continues to

Call after her, asking her to wait for him while she continues to talk as she was fleeing that

She won’t wait for him, she runs in zigzag fashion sometimes going in between the

Flowering trees planted in the open field. While she was doing this, he did not bother

Himself, as he allows her to continue to run, while he was not at speed as he runs

After him and was teasingly calling her to “wait for him”, but she would not bulge as she

Shakes her head running, she was obviously enjoying teasing him. As a trained military man,

He allows her to satisfy herself, not catching up with her, as she was smiling, and then after

A while he picks up again and runs faster and catches up with her as he was about to touch

Her, she falls to the ground, and he also falls on her, they rolled a bit on the green grass,

Kissing each other and they were panting. He uses his right palm to brush her hair well

Taylor Swift - Lover

Plaited hair backwards, using a finger to rub the furrow between the plaited hair, then

Kissing her again. As they lay on the green grass, she rests her head on his chest while they

Placed their backs on the grass and faced the firmament. The trees there shaded them from

The rays of the sun. They were subsumed in love in this position with him teasing her

That do you think you can run? And she answers him that it was when she slows down her

Pace that he catches up with her, (though she knows that he runs faster and cannot match his

Running skills) As she says, this, he asks her to stand up so that they run another race

Again and she turns down his offer saying he will cheat her for he has devise a means to

Outsmart her in his heart she replied. They continued in this position for a while, and having

Blown off the lactate that has built up in his systems as a trained man, he asks that they

Return to where they were, but she says, she is still resting, as she is yet to blow off the

Lactic acid in her systems and she needs sometimes to rest more for oxygen to completely

Replace those lactic acids, then adding that the only alternative left for that is that he

Carries her to where they were before. Then he gets up and carries her while she uses her

Hands to hold on to her as he carries him to the place and placed her gently down. She is

Yet breathing heavily and he tells her that her mate are those running 10, 000 meters, as

She replies that they have been trained to do that, it is their career, for me, that is not my

Career is love sprinting that I have done today smiling and asking him to throw the face

Towel to her.


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