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Lover’s Poem: I Am Not Like That

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She has been engaged to

Two guys in her island

But both of them

Betrayed her trust in them

And she decides not

To be romantically involved

With any guy again. In

This position has she

Been for a while. Now

Age is not on her side

She is going to 36 years

And her closest friend

Has met a guy from

Another continent on

The internet, and their

Relationship within days grew

Now she has left their

Island for his place

And has been married to

Him. Whenever she contacts

Her she used to tell

Her that she was enjoying

Her man, that even if

She be married to a man

From their island, she

Would not have had it

Better than what she already

Has with her man.

Her friend was always

Glad for her. Then she

Suggests to her that she

Should give internet love

A trial, she should seek

For her dream man

Outside their island, and

Probably their continent like she

Has done. This suggestion

Sounds weird to her, for

She has not seen another

Island least to say other

Continent better than hers’

Thus, she brushed the suggestion

Aside, but when her friend

Raised the suggestion again

With her, she told her

That she did not give it

A trial, because she believes

What works for person A

May not work for Person B

Humans are different, fingers

Are not equal, we are created

For different purposes on earth

But her friend would not

Let her be, asking her

To try it and immediately it

Gets cold she can drop


The person and shun the

Idea. Through her friend

She got a guy’s email address

And contacted him. They started

Sending emails to each other

And then personal photos to

Show the physique of the

Person they are involved with

She has been sending

Photos to him in her

Bikini dress to show her

Features and now both are

Heads over heels in

Love and it has grown

From sending messages to

Making video calls

To know where each person

Is at a period in time.

She has now found happiness

Again and both have been

Desiring to meet each

Other, but before

They met, she sends him

A message that he

Should not see her

As one of the wayward

Ladies around, for she

Has been raised by disciplinarian parents

She sends most of

Those photos through the

Counsel of her friend who

Has been happily married

Through the internet. And

Now that he has liked

What he is seeing she

Will not send photos like

Those to him again. The

Man was happy to read

The message and replied

That she has cleared his

Doubts For he also has been

Thinking about her, maybe

She is one of the wayward

Ladies around the internet

Who is trying to get

Him and then would desert

Him as time goes by.

And now that they are

Perfectly on the same

Page of morality, “I cannot

Wait to be with you”

The man replied her

“At last she said,

I also find my love

On the internet and would

Soon be out of my island for good”


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