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Lover's Piece

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Lover whose spouse is not by him wrote this short piece. They have been separated by work and they are living hundreds of miles apart. He wrote this down for his beautiful damsel expressing his desire and yearning to have her by his side at that moment.


Like stars the dimples

On her cheeks illuminate

The paths of people who come across her

The dimples on my cheeks

Are like stars that cannot be hidden

In a darkened firmament

When she opens her mouth

And her teeth are revealed

They are whiter than the wool

The gap between her incisors make

Her look like guardian angels

Smiling at babies

Like crown on the head

Of a Queen so is her hair

On her head making her adorable

Her hair like that of a new baby

Soft and downy making

Her mostly sought for

Like petals that cover stamen and carpel

Of a flower so is her

Rounded lips covering her teeth


When her lips are opened like

Petals they reveal the beauty of

Nature embedded in her teeth

Looking at her from distance her

Lips makes her uniquely designed

By the great Divine

Her eyes like crystals

Are clearer and very transparent

Like fruits on the tree

She can be seen from afar off

How I desire there my darling

How I love to be with thee and

By your side now

If I have wings like birds

I would have flown to where

You are lying by your side

My Angel, my Jewel

(The End)


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