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Lovers Forever


Long have the stars throughout history,

been a source of delight,

to lovers with hearts in flight -

keeping their dreams shrouded in mystery.

Lovers walk spotlighted by moonbeams,

dancing among the shadows in the night,

often swaying to romantic tunes just right -

sharing their most precious dreams.

For when love is so true,

lovers share kisses tender,

always to each other they surrender -

together forever and never alone and blue.

No matter what the season,

there is always a reason,

for sweet kisses,

in sunshine or in rain.

In the springtime,

as crocuses and tulips bloom,

lovers find the joy of walking –

barefoot in the morning dew.

Summer brings meadows of colorful wildflowers,

days of laughter and joy,

while at night sitting side by side,

dreaming beneath the glittering stars above.

Autumn winds might blow cold,

but it is of no matter if there’s a warm hand to hold,

while kisses so precious sweet

and all-around colorful leaves go waltzing.

Winter brings the north wind bold,

lovers don’t care about the cold,

together they stand toe to toe –

dancing as snowflakes go swirling by.

Two hearts entwined forever and ever,

leaving each other never,

always with the promise true –

to dance along the Milky Way through eternity.

© 2019 Gypsy Rose Lee

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