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Lost Love


He sits in silence,

Caressing his heart with Hopes,

Living in dire need, for his lost love,

In heartbreak he asks his heart,

Where did thy love go to?

In setting sun, he recalls the sweet days,

It reminds him how time never stands still,

To the beautiful moments shared.

Like a shadow it keeps creeping beneath.

Where did they love go to?

Summer gone ,winter calls for love,

It's back in June, again it's December,

The dry summer leaves go away,

Welcome the fresh budding roses,

For there's hope for lost love,

And he never asks

Where did thy love go to?



Millicent Okello (author) from Nairobi, Kenya on July 01, 2020:

Thank You John. I appreciate your acknowledgement.

John Hansen from Queensland Australia on June 30, 2020:

This was a beautiful poem describing lost love. I enjoyed the read

Well done, Millicent.

Millicent Okello (author) from Nairobi, Kenya on June 28, 2020:

Thank you so much.

CHATRA RAM from BARMER INDIA on June 28, 2020:

Such a nice poem and amazing picture with raleted

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