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10 Lovely Poems for the Families of the Deceased


Mr. Cheese (Nick Ortman) is a Graduate of Columbia University's MFA program. He's a drummer and frequently writes about the music industry.

Write lovely poems for the families of the deceased.

Write lovely poems for the families of the deceased.

The loss of a loved one lingers for years. Sometimes it's hard to find the right words to express your grief and just how much you loved that person. Although the pain diminishes, the memories never leave us. Below you'll find 10 poems for the family of the deceased.

Poems for the Deceased

  1. The flames of the young
    burn with the brightness of constellations,
    and like the light of stars
    his memory will travel for years to come.
  2. The sun above gives life to all
    the son you had gave even more
    and his memory is brighter
    than the fullness of the moon.
  3. Memory is like a train
    you can see it getting smaller
    as it pulls away,
    but just because it passes
    that horizon line
    doesn't mean it has stopped traveling.
  4. May your hands play the music
    of his memory—
    a piece of him as you continue to create—
    a piece of him as you cook,
    as you clean,
    as you prepare for the day
    may the smile on your face
    reflect the friendship he gave to others.
  5. Love does not exist without heartache,
    just remember that his heart was the union
    of your two hearts, and a piece of his heart
    will always pound within your chest.
  6. A flower doesn't die
    it becomes soil
    driving the beauty to come.
  7. We stare too long into the fire,
    fearful, forgetting that the ashes
    will soon become soil.
  8. Missing you is a reminder
    that you were great enough to be missed.
    Even in death, you change the world by changing me.
  9. Just as a tree drops its leaves,
    your colors are spread across the world,
    a reminder that nothing exits, only transitions.
  10. You are the continuation of his journey.
    Nothing is lost, if you can turn your grief into an ode,
    your life into a continuation of his best qualities.

There are a plethora of poems dealing with death, dying, and overcoming grief. While every poet is going to handle death in their own way, there are always underlying connections between these poems. Below are more poems about death and dying. While their subjects and points of view vary, each poem is united by the shared human experience of learning to cope with loss.

Poems About Grief and Grieving


"River of Sorrow"

Todd Nigro

"Tis a Fearful Thing"

Yehuda HaLevi

"The Thing Is"

Ellen Bass

"Someone is Missing…"

Jennifer Malloch

"Finally Home"

Jamie Zahradnik-Williams


Beulah B. Malkin

"one third"

Kerry Worley

"I Am Learning How To Live"

Jamey Wysocki

"The Sailing Ship"

Charles Henry Brent

"Your Undying Love"

Miranda James

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