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Love Is Lost/Disparity

Love Is Lost

Love is lost and but yet still here

only when it's our greatest fear.

Some get lucky and fall gracefully.

Some fall painfully.

With this knowledge that I've obtained

it still can't seem to stay away.

As much as i'd like to say I hate it

whenever I have it I call it underrated.

My love, My future and my dearest best friend

my heart is so open it pains me to say

May your love never run away.

May your love never be lost.

I know I'll lose your love.

Two trees

One of Oak

The other with birch tree leaves

side by side their roots stretch through the ground.

Day by day they experience the seasons change together

from bitter cold winters to blazing hot summers

still they stand there saying good mornin, good afternoon, and goodnight

to each other with a simple wave of their leaves.

Though they may have different leaves that stomp the ground

with their own footprints each fall.

Their trucks may not work together like fire and rain.

They may not mix like water and oil

but they stay woven together in each others hearts.

Dancing with disparity