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Love You

Briannah is an aspiring freelance writer interested in discussing diverse topics in a variety of ways. She is a passionate CBD advocate.

Nourish yourself

Your feelings, your heart

That's the key to wealth

You see people's needs aren't far apart

We want to feel

Loved, happy, supported

We want to heal

From past scars and feeling shorted

Being neglected and alone

Confused and scared

We cry, we groan

In agony because nobody cared

Then someone comes along

A friend, sister, or soul mate

Then we feel like we belong

We feel it has to be fate

It's free, yet priceless

It's safe and secure

Something to scream and profess

Nourish yourself. Share the wealth.

Often times we forget to lead with love. Leading with love means being compassionate, understanding, and respectful of yourself and others. It can the form of affection, acts of service, reassurance, listening, or anything you feel yourself/others would appreciate. It's free, but one of the most priceless and meaningful things anyone can obtain or share. So, I want people to read my poem and be inspired to love.

© 2020 Briannah Rose

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