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A lecturer by profession and a poem writer at heart. I started writing since high school. Now, some of them turned into a beautiful songs.

What will love can give you?


Will you have the power to choose?

Loving is a great story
The caffeine that keeps you awake
The alcohol that makes you wish you were dead
A photo you can look back once ended

Loving is a threatening gamble
No hesitation to give your all
Can leave you with nothing
But a broken heart and soul

Love can give either mountain or sea
Surprised when you get to the peak after a long journey yet fall
And drowned when you hit rock bottom
By the boundless water, you thought will move you afar

Loving is a test of sanity
Educating you with stupidity
Idiocy despite being educated
Losing yourself or not depends on you

Loving can make unspoken words
"I love you" you used to shout out loud
Become a sigh you hid on yourself
Want to say more but no chances anymore

Will you still fall in love?
Can be both life saving and death
Will you still love me?
I am both beautiful and lovely

© 2020 Bellie Grace Gomez

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