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Love the Scene.

Loving and enjoying simple scenes having the full meaning of life, and trying to say Gratitude for such blessings.

On earth there is no heaven,but there are pieces of it(Jules Renard).

Dancing Flowers.

Dancing Flowers.

You,Me and We togather.

You,Me and We togather.

Love the scene.

The rising sun; Singing Birds and Dancing Flowers

Darkness; Stars, Moonlight and Fireflies

Love the scene…..

Clouds; Rainfall and rainbow

Winter; Snow and Hot drinks

Love the scene….

World; full of Peace and Hope

Nation; having Faith and Unity

Love the Scene….

Family; Pleasant Gathering and Happiness

Relationships; Respect and Love

Love the Scene….

Friends; Traveling and fun.

You, Me and We together.

Love the Scene….

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