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Love the Self

Poetry is turning out to be a very cathartic medium, I should do this more often.

Set the Mood

Take it to heart, you're the only one who really matters!

Take it to heart, you're the only one who really matters!

When you go left they will say right.

When you say bravery they will say fright.

Bask in the day and they’ll emerge at night.

Cry for peace and they find a fight.

You say buy and they say sell.

Yearn for heaven and they’ll offer hell.

Beg for life as they toll the bell.

Try to bring happiness they only quell.

Offer your love and receive their hate.

Define your own destiny and they bring your fate.

Strolling through life they bring end to your gate.

Prepare a meal of love and they’ll sully your plate.

Tears of joy they turn to a painful cry.

Enrich your life and they’ll hope you die.

Shooting you down when you want to fly.

What you accept they will always deny.

The world can make you oh so rough,

Bring you down with every bluff.

Stand strong and show them you are tough,

Let them know you’ve got the stuff.

The stuff that sets you apart from the crowd,

It makes them bitter as your passion is loud.

Allow them to burn the fields you’ve plowed,

There are the few who of you are proud.

More important than those very few,

Will be the one who forgets you’re you.

Look inside and you’ll know what to do,

Love the self and you’ll be born anew.

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