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Love That Fades

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Creating poem is one of my hobbies. I wanted to share them so I look for a site to do it.

Remember the time when we first met

The time you are beside me when its sunset

The smiles that we both shared

We were always together, you always cared

Do you remember the time when we ate together?

We were so happy that others didn’t matter

The world stops when I’m with you

I felt feelings that were definitely true

But relationships weren’t perfect and problems arise

We love each other so we survived every obstacles

You were there when tears were in my eyes

We were together for years and our love made miracles

But I wasn’t prepared that the magic won’t last

When I was with you time flew so fast

Maybe that’s why our love ends now

But how about our sincerest vow

The promises you told me

Weren’t the same anymore

You with other girls, I see

It hurts me down to my very core

It seems that now I already lost

In this battle of love, what is the cost?

To have an unending love

I pray to the one above

Your love slowly faded

Now I am a stranger to your world

Why did our story ended

Now you were very cold

© 2017 Arjay

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