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Love Silently

Ahsan is a writer, he writes everything about life, love and hope. He is a poet also,he writes about whole of life and world.

I will understand the debts,
in the crowds of other birth.

I will stand before your eyes,
After the return end journey of last trip.

I will break the disaster a thousand times,
Yet always appearances with smiling in front of you.

I will understand the pains,
Happily i will endure alone.

Let there be a tendency to the back wave,
I will find you with my own eyes.

Gladly holding you back,
I will cry silently and hide.

Unknowingly at the juncture,
Give me back my wishes.

Shocked at the beginning,
One day I will get back all the love.

So the wait counts silently,
Let all desires be fulfilled, let love come.


© 2020 Ahsanul Haque Rifat

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